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What are Cowboy Boots?

There have been plenty of cowboys herding cattle around the United States after the deadly American Civil War and these cowboys eventually realized that they needed some boots that were somewhat different from the common boot styles of their current generation. Boots that were made before whether be it war, carriage or field-style boots have not proven fruitful for the cowboys that were herding cattle because the durability of these boots were hammered during their use of it on the time that they were navigating different kinds of vegetation and terrain. During the year of 1870 a lone cowboy brought his war boots to a shoemaker and had asked if the shoemaker can add some additional improvements to his boots such as a pointy toe so that he could be able to slip hos foot into a stirrup quite fast than before. The lone cowboy also said that he wanted a taller shaft to be made on the boots so that his legs would be protected from any harm during his adventures in the world as well as adding in a larger, under-sling heal on the bottom of the boot so that he would be able to keep his leg in a stirrup while being hard on horseback and while being on the trail. The shoemaker made a knee-high design with the ideas that he was given with and the knee-high design was made so that it can be able to protect the wearer’s legs from anything sharp on the road such as mesquite trees. barbed wires, snakes and other things that can be considered as dangerous.

The first use and the first common use of cowboy boots were just for working purposes only and nothing more. The word “style” was non-existent with cowboy boots during that time. Cowboy boots were simply thought to be something to protect the wearer from any harm and was just simply viewed as an improvement over a vital tool for a cowboys life.

Over time though cowboy boots became something more than just for working and thus it became something more of a fashion statement to the customary black or brown stitching that was embroiled on the outside are now being replaced by more colorful stitching. Design makers started experimenting with cowboy boots and they are constantly doing something more creative to the boots as design and pictures began to be sewn into the boots themselves. As decades passed by more and more persons are discovering the wonderful fashion design of cowboy boots and thus attracting the attention of the international community as it becomes something amazing to wear.

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